Webnorth have 13+ years of experience with building custom-made digital solutions

Webnorth delivers end-to-end custom-made digital solutions within WordPress and web applications and has since 2010 focused on strong and thorough digitization of our customers’ business.

Webnorth is specialized in agency collaboration, as well as the operation and optimization of digital solutions through our service and hosting agreements. Our experience with agency collaboration creates an understanding of the previous creative processes, as well as final deliveries on simple and more demanding digital projects, where Webnorth contributes with everything from strategy and mapping to development and testing.

When a digital project is completed, a new digital journey starts with a focus on operation and optimization, which is handled by our experienced service team consisting of Danish Customer Care Managers and developers. The service team ensures easy and transparent administration of the digital solutions for the customer through a service board, processes, checklists and automatic monitoring.

Our services

Consulting on digital strategy

The digital strategy creates common goals and direction for your company's digital projects. Webnorth has experience in advising companies and ensuring that digital investments support customer journeys and business strategies.

Research and mapping

The customer can in collaboration with Webnorth's digital project managers and tech leads, prepare a specification that ensures a strong process and alignment between the customer's expectations and the end product.

Custom-made WordPress solutions

Webnorth develops custom-made WordPress solutions to strengthen companies' brand and digital positioning. Each solution is developed with a special focus on performance through e.g. security, speed and SEO.


A good eCommerce solution is created through UX and UI with a focus on the user journey to the basket. The purchase must create an experience and the foundation for the relationship with the customer.

Apps & web applications

Webnorth has experience in building and implementing apps and web apps that, in their way, strengthen and help companies with daily operations and strategic goals.

Intranet and learning platforms

Webnorth has project-managed and developed several successful intranets and learning platforms with a focus on optimized UX and UI, as well as performance through speed and security.


Webnorth works on virtually all projects with integrations. These integrations ensure coherent digital infrastructure. It strengthens the interaction between business areas and facilitates cross-data sharing.

Operation and optimization through service and hosting agreement

Webnorth is specialized in the operation and optimization of digital solutions through our service and hosting agreements, which are handled by our experienced service team.

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